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 ͧԨԵ Casio 駿 EX-ZR50 ¶١ 3800.-98% 16ҹԡ+ 觷 .ا෾
 Samsung Galaxy E5 ¶١ 2990.-Ҿ 90% ٻ WiFi ˹ѧѧŧ § 觷
 굺ꡢ¶١ 12800.-DELL Inspiron15 16 98% Core i7-4510U HD500GB 4GB ͧ 촨¡
 iPhone6S ժٷͧ 16GB ¶١ 8900.-98% ٻ WiFi ˹ѧ 觷 .
 Samsung Galaxy J7 ¶١ 2900.-98% ٻ WiFi ˹ѧѧŧ 觷 .
 굺ꡢ¶١ 17900.-MacBook Air 2013 13 99% Core i5 SSD128GB 4GB աͧ WiFi
 NDS Nintendo Wii ش˭ ١ 3400.-95% ͧ+FullͿ 觷 . 2
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2011-04-02 02:23:34

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Tinker Bell
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2015-01-12 12:19:38

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2015-01-12 22:05:54

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